We started Community Glue in 2010, as the cuts to public services were starting to have an impact. As commissioners began to cut ‘non-essential’ services we wanted to make sure that people who needed support still had a voice. This is a small quote from an article we wrote at the time.

“Services provided according to a ‘one size fits all’ template designed by commissioners can make people feel like parts in a machine. Worse, people can become dependent on services and isolated from the communities in which they live. On the other hand small-scale, individually tailored supports can allow people to participate more fully – not only as ‘service users’, but also as commissioners, managers and in some cases support providers. This can strengthen the bonds between people like ‘community glue’.”

Jon & Keith eating birthday cake
Jon & Keith eating birthday cake

Since then we have done a lot – too much to list. Nearly all of it has involved collaborating with individuals and local organisations. We are big fans of peer support. Sometimes we have helped when charities or local statutory health and social care services did not have the capacity to get projects up and running. At other times we have set up our own small-scale activities. We have written reports, delivered training and co-ordinated community advocacy. Overall, we have tried to make things better.

We are a Community Interest Company, which means we run for the benefit of the community rather than shareholder profit. Read more here.